Good utensils make drinking more pleasing to the eye?

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The history of "wine"

Wine is one of the main beverages in human life. Chinese wine has a long history, a wide variety of wines, and famous wines, which are well-known both at home and abroad. About a thousand years ago in the Song Dynasty, the Chinese invented the distillation method, and since then, baijiu has become the main alcohol consumed by the Chinese.

The role of "wine"

Wine permeates the entire 5,000-year history of Chinese civilization, and occupies an important position in Chinese people's life in all aspects from literary and artistic creation, cultural entertainment, food and cooking, and health care.

"wine" container

Wine is a special liquid, in order to drink it, there must be a carrier, a container for drinking.

The development of wine containers

In different historical periods, due to the continuous development of social economy, the production technology, materials, and appearance of wine vessels will naturally change accordingly, so a wide variety of wine vessels have been produced.

In China, we Chinese like to drink Maotai,glass cookware, the national wine. We all say that a good horse goes with a good saddle, and a good wine goes with a good cup. There must also be a professional crystal cup to drink white wine. Today, I will introduce you to a fashionable and noble wine cup.

As an ancient craft in China, gold foil craftsmanship caters to the development of the times, constantly innovates and seeks changes, and actively and boldly improves the manufacturing process and posting techniques, making gold foil stand out and shine in modern art.

In particular, the gold leaf wine glass has entered the world in recent years. The gold leaf wine glass, as the name suggests, is a white wine glass with gold leaf added. In fact, it is still a white wine glass, which is involved with a little gold.

As for gold foil, that is to press gold into a sheet thinner than paper, because gold is very malleable, so it can be pressed very thin. This makes the wine glass look more noble and beautiful.

Good taste

High-end atmosphere

Gold foil wine glasses

The gold foil filling is integrated with the body of the cup, and it is like a piece of art. Hand-filled with gold leaf, the cup body is made of crystal material without lead, allowing you to enjoy the wine more healthily.

The mouth of the cup is round and delicate, and the taste of the wine reaches the tip of the tongue. The V-shaped spout makes the pouring smooth. Customized pearl cotton, shockproof and anti-fall, gift box packaging, perfect gift.

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