How to properly clean and red wine glasses?

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How to properly clean and red wine glasses?

There are various types of wine glasses on the market,glass cookware , and how to choose them is also a matter of knowledge. According to the material of the wine glasses, they can be simply divided into glass wine glasses and crystal wine glasses.

1. Clean the crystal wine glass

The wine glass made of crystal is fragile, and the most suitable cleaning method is hand washing. Let's take a look at the specific steps:

(1) Rinse the wine glass with water (hot water is better)

(2) Put one or two drops of mild detergent into the wine glass, or add baking soda or vinegar, fill it with water, hold the belly of the glass, insert a soft sponge, rotate the wine glass, and wipe the inside of the wine glass with the sponge. (Use a long sponge to clean the bottom of the cup better.)

(3) Hold the body of the glass instead of the base, and use a sponge to clean the outside of the wine glass, including the base, handle and body.

(4) After thoroughly washing the inside and outside of the wine glass with water, allow the wine glass to air dry naturally, or dry with a lint-free towel or odorless paper towel.

2. Cleaning ordinary wine glasses

If you have enough time, you can use the above methods to clean ordinary wine glasses, especially those with hard and short handles; you can also use the dishwasher to clean them.

If there is no stain on the wine glass, it can be washed directly with clean water.

The wine glass has been washed, how should it be stored?

(1) Hang the wine glass upside down on the cup holder to avoid dust.

(2) Or place the cup upright to avoid the accumulation of stinky odor, and try to allow enough space between each wine glass to avoid the danger of breaking.

(3) If conditions permit, wine glasses can also be stored in a wine cabinet with a cup holder instead of a box to avoid being contaminated with musty smell.

(4) The cup holder can separate the wine glasses, reduce the risk of breaking, and has high safety, especially suitable for fragile crystal glasses. Store the wine glass on the cup holder and rotate the wine glass regularly to prolong the life of the wine glass.

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