How embarrassing is it when you don't have a goblet when you drink?

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A friend came home with a bottle of wine for fun, opened the cupboard, only to find mugs and glasses.

Just the thought of pouring wine into a hello kitty mug...wouldn't be good,glass cookware.

Even for a person who doesn't know much about wine, he is still willing to pour the wine into a goblet, a transparent and pure wine glass, a wine that is as heavy as a gem, even if he doesn't know how to taste wine... The joy of the ceremony is over.

The importance of choosing a good wine glass

People often say that drinking is about emotion, especially drinking red wine. A hearty dish under candlelight is paired with a few sips of fine wine, and life suddenly becomes quiet, warm, and stylish.

 Drinking red wine naturally requires a wine glass, and a red wine glass is also a symbol of a person's taste. Sometimes, a small shot glass can even affect the taste of the wine.

Choosing the right wine glass can make a good bottle of wine icing on the cake, but choosing the wrong wine glass is superfluous. Today, Zhuo will talk to you about red wine glasses.

There are many kinds of wine glasses on the market, how to choose the right wine glass?

Big belly and small mouth, convenient for aroma gathering
The glass for drinking red wine should choose a big belly and a small mouth, so that the aroma can evaporate in the big belly and gather at the mouth of the small cup, so that we can smell the aroma. How big should you choose? About 500ml is very practical, too large or too small is not very practical.

The wine glass should be translucent and smooth

It is necessary to observe the color of the wine from all directions. Some wine glasses may be colorful, rich in color and intricately carved, but you can't see the wine clearly through them, and they are all for nothing.

The rim should be thin

A thin rim allows the wine to slide smoothly into your mouth. The rim is thick, the wine is retained, and you have to suck it with your mouth, which is neither elegant nor beautiful. Whether the rim is thin enough is also one of the symbols of the quality of the wine glass.

Choose a red wine glass with a stem

There is a cup stem to have a place to hold the wine glass. Although some wines need to hold the belly of the glass to warm the wine, even if there is a stem, it will not affect, and most red wines are more suitable for drinking below or equal to room temperature.

In addition, the cup stem is also more convenient to shake the cup.

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