Glass Cup Material Selection

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Glass Cup Material Selection
When drinking wine in a romantic or cozy setting, it is advisable to choose wine glasses that are designed generously, unadorned, transparent, spherical, or tulip shaped. Although the choice of wine glasses does not affect the texture of the wine, for subjective feelings of drinking, using elegantly designed wine glasses can enhance the drinking atmosphere. The size of the wine glass should be moderate, with a capacity of about ten ounces, and the pouring should not exceed half of the glass. The glass should have enough body to easily shake the wine and disperse its aroma. Generally, the mouth of a red wine cup is slightly open than that of a Baijiu cup, but the mouth of the cup should still be slightly inward to gather the flavor of the wine,glass cookware    .

Production material
The main materials of red wine glasses are crystal and glass. The aroma and taste brought by crystal and glass glasses may have slight differences, mainly due to the different roughness of their surfaces. It can be observed through the microscope that the surface of the crystal is more concave and convex than that of the glass, and the glass is more hung. When it is used to hold champagne, the bubbles will perform better. At the same time, the small concave and convex on the glass wall can retain these foam more permanently, which is the soul of champagne.

A wine glass filled with wine
How much should be poured when pouring wine? When dining in a restaurant, if you see the waiter filling up the glass in front of you, don't think it's good intentions. This only indicates that the restaurant lacks a strong understanding of wine. In fact, only champagne can be poured to the full. If you drink Baijiu, you can pour half a cup at a time. If you drink red wine, a quarter is the appropriate amount. If you pour too full, you will not be able to appreciate the flavor and color of the wine.

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