Red wine glass

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Red wine glass

Essential for enhancing the charm of drinking red wine

The red wine cup has a handle at the bottom, and the upper body is deeper than that of the Baijiu cup, and is more plump and broad. Mainly used to hold red wine and cocktails made from it,   glass cookwar .

Production process

The production of red wine glasses

The difference between manual blowing and machine blowing:

Appearance differences:

Mechanized products - The basic products seen in the market are completely plain materials, with a single design and fewer styles. The products are bulky and have poor streamline, and the transition between the cup and bottom is stiff. However, the consistency of product size specifications is good, without bubbles and water ripples, and the firmness is poor.

Artificially Blown Products - Clear materials products with various decorations, diverse shapes, colors and styles, lightweight products with good streamline and obvious beauty. The product's own design can keep up with the fashion trends of market consumption, provide consumers with more choices, and maximize the satisfaction of personalized consumption ideas. It has bubbles and water ripples, and good firmness. Handmade, there will be subtle stripes and a few bubbles, as well as black and white dots of chemicals and subtle differences in decoration. The presence of bubbles and stripes is also one of the important differences between artificial and machine-made glass craftsmanship, and it is also a powerful evidence for collectors to determine whether there is collectible value.

Production process differences:

Mechanized products - produced by machine production lines with high output. Usually, a moderate production line can produce tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of units per day, but without any artificial skill content.

Artificially Blown Products - Each production process of a product is manually completed, resulting in a low output. Typically, the daily output of each production team is several hundred units, but each product embodies the unique skills and meticulous craftsmanship of a craftsman.

Value difference:

Mechanism products - have lower value and more functions that meet the needs of consumers, but lack ornamental value.

Artificially blown products - with high value, in addition to basic usage functions, they add a lot of pride, elegance, and special life charm during use.

Market differences:

Mechanism products - mainly targeted at consumer occasions with low prices.

Artificially blown products - mainly aimed at household consumption occasions, especially favored by groups who widely pursue personalized and fashionable consumption


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