Gao Jiao Cup Holding Method

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Gao Jiao Cup Holding Method
1. The glass for serving white wine and champagne is a tall one. When drinking, hold the bottom of the glass and do not touch the body of the glass with your hands, as white wine and champagne are usually frozen when consumed, and the temperature of your hands can make them warm up. When toasting, you can firmly grip the bottom of the glass with your thumb, ring finger, and little finger, support the bottom with your middle finger, and lightly place your index finger at the connection between the bottom and the glass. Try to extend your fingers as straight as possible to show the graceful curves of your hands, glass cookware   .

The legs of the wine glass for serving red wine are shorter and the body is larger. You can use your index and middle fingers to hold the corners of the glass. It is not advisable to hold the glass close to the body when drinking, as the temperature of your hands can affect the taste of the red wine. When tasting brandy, use your hand to hold the body of the glass to better release the aroma of the wine
When toasting and clinking glasses with others, when your cup body is slightly lower than the square, it shows your respect for the other person
When drinking alcohol, it is absolutely not advisable to drink by suction, but to tilt the glass and drink as if putting the wine on your tongue. Gently shake the glass to allow the wine to come into contact with the air to enhance its mellow aroma, but do not vigorously shake the glass. There should be a small amount left at the bottom of the cup, and it should not be consumed in one gulp
2. For a typical Chinese glass wine glass, it is important to avoid using one hand to wrap around the glass when holding it. Instead, use your thumb and index finger to pinch half of the height of the glass body and clamp it against the tiger's mouth. The other three fingers should naturally relax and not be held too close, especially when holding the glass for someone else. This can cause bacteria from your fingers to contaminate the mouth of the glass, making it unhygienic
If you want to toast someone, hold the glass with your right hand and gently place your left finger at the bottom of the glass to show respect
3. There is no special way to hold Chinese cups or cups, but when using this type of vessel to drink alcohol, be sure to fill it up and drink it all in one go, which is opposite to the requirements of Western drinking.

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