fruit wine glass

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fruit wine glass

A fruit cup is a drink. Fruit cups generally require 40 ml of raspberry syrup, 40 ml of strawberry juice, 40 ml of pineapple juice, 40 ml of lemon juice, 40 ml of orange juice, and 40 ml of grape juice. Fruit cups are popular with teenagers in summer. Has the effect of avoiding heat,glass cookware     .

Fruit cups usually have several kinds of fruits or a single fruit in it. The reason why it is called a fruit cup is because the fruit is a cup. In fact, many are packed in a fresh-keeping box, but the fruit weight of the fresh-keeping box is more than that of the fruit cup. I prefer to sell fruit cups, because I am single and live by myself, this portion is more friendly to me.

In addition to eating whole grains and vegetables every day, eating more fruits is of great help to our health.

1. Skin care: Fruits are rich in antioxidant vitamin E and trace elements, which can nourish the skin, and its beauty effect is not comparable to ordinary cosmetics.
2. Slow down aging: In addition to the nutrients we know, fruits are also rich in a large number of natural plant compounds. These substances can regulate the activity of detoxification enzymes, improve hormones
Metabolism, has antibacterial and antiviral ability, and plays a role in delaying aging.
3. Prevention of diseases: Because fruits contain many vitamins and trace elements, they can also be used to prevent diseases,
4. Lower blood pressure: Fruits prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases, and can inhibit the growth of strong carcinogens nitrosamines and the proliferation of cancer cells, resulting in the activity of certain enzymes. Data analysis shows that fruit can enhance digestion, improve myocardial function, and play a regulatory role in maintaining the acid-base balance in the human body.
5. Lose weight: Some fruits are rich in dietary fiber. Fiber is a carbohydrate that cannot be digested by the small intestine. In the colon, fiber can provide nutrients to the intestinal lumen, which helps to promote the body's metabolism and help suppress appetite. .

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