The difference between a brandy glass and a whiskey glass

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The difference between a brandy glass and a whiskey glass


Wine utensils have a close relationship with wine culture. In foreign countries, many glassware manufacturers will customize special wine glasses for the production of a certain kind of wine. With the growing popularity of wine culture, wine lovers pay great attention to the glass when drinking. Today, I want to know the difference between a brandy glass and a whiskey glass,glass cookware    .

The difference between a brandy glass and a whiskey glass
1. Different uses
Brandy glasses and whiskey glasses are fundamentally different. First, they serve different purposes. A brandy glass is used to drink brandy, while a whisky glass is a glass container dedicated to drinking or containing whisky, which also has a different naming purpose.
whiskey glass
2. Different types
The biggest feature of the brandy glass is the small mouth, wide belly, and very good design of the glass body. It's just that the body of the brandy glass is not as long and thin as that of the red wine glass, while the body of the red wine glass is short and thick.
Whiskey glass is different from brandy glass, the biggest feature is that brandy is a straight glass, while whiskey is a flat glass. Glass is generally relatively bulky, and it can also be said to have a feel. Cylinders and squares are more common, with thicker bottoms. The height is generally between 10 - 12 cm, and the capacity of ordinary whisky glasses is about 100-200 ml.
brandy glass
3. Different treatments
Brandy glasses and whisky glasses generally have two different processing methods, one is hand-blown and the other is machine-pressed. Because the whisky glass is a flat-bottomed glass with a large diameter, a small bottom diameter and a thick bottom, it is often pressed by a machine. The brandy glass is more suitable for machine blowing or manual blowing due to its small mouth and belly.


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