Bordeaux Cup

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Bordeaux Cup

A Bordeaux glass is a red wine glass.

Bordeaux wine glass (Bordeaux): tulip goblet shape. Most wine glasses on the market are based on the style of Bordeaux wine glasses. The sour and astringent taste of Bordeaux red wine is relatively heavy, so it is suitable for the cup with a long body and a non-vertical cup wall. The curvature of the cup wall can moderately regulate the diffusion of the wine in the mouth, and the wider cup mouth can make the drinker better. Feel the gradation of Bordeaux wine,  glass cookware  .

1. Bordeaux Cup
The body of the cup is long and the mouth of the glass is narrow, which is suitable for the aroma of wine to gather at the mouth of the glass. Bordeaux glasses are also suitable for red wines other than Burgundy, as most wine glasses are made in the style of Bordeaux.
As we all know, when we are tasting wine, the wine glass is a very important tool, so what are the characteristics of the Bordeaux wine glass? Let's take a look.
The Bordeaux wine glass has a wide belly, a narrow mouth and a slender handle. It is specially designed for Bordeaux wine. The narrow mouth can condense the aroma, while the wide belly will accelerate the oxidation reaction of the wine. .
The grape glass, also known as the goblet, has a slender handle, which is not only beautiful, but also provides a better view of the state of the wine.
What are the red wine glasses?
1. Bordeaux Cup
The body of the cup is longer and the mouth of the cup is narrower. Bordeaux glasses can also be used for other red wines.
2. Burgundy Cup
The cup body is short, the belly is wide, and the cup mouth is large.
3. White wine glass
White wine glasses are shaped more like a bell, which keeps the wine cold. A wider mouth also allows more air to enter the surface of the wine, which in turn makes the wine fuller.
4. Champagne glasses
Champagne glasses are fluted. This shape prevents oxidation well and allows the wine to achieve the best taste.


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