6 Reasons You Should Use a Whiskey Decanter

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There's nothing more satisfying than a glass of your favorite whisky after a hard week's work. Or relax with a sip of whiskey after a big meal. But if you're a whisky lover, you might be wondering about the benefits of keeping your whisky in its original bottle. Or you have been told you should use a decanter. This might make you ask, "Why should I use a whisky decanter?" Enjoying the best whisky is a big reason. To help you understand, let's look at 6 reasons why you should use a whisky decanter,glass cookware.

1. Preserve the essence of your whisky. Most of us are familiar with using a decanter to fill wine. Decanters allow the wine to breathe and remove any sediment that may have collected at the bottom of the bottle. But decanters don't have lids and aren't really meant for storage. Whiskey decanters, on the other hand, are ideal for storage. While your whisky won't last forever in a decanter, this decanter can help preserve the longevity and quality of the whisky it contains. This is because an open bottle of whisky lets in oxygen, which can cause oxidation and ultimately reduce the quality of the whisky. Oxidation occurs faster when there is more air or "headspace" in the bottle. Therefore, a refilling decanter will prolong the life of the whisky it holds, as it minimises the air that interacts with the whisky. That's why the best decanters hold 750ml and come with premium stoppers, like every Van Daemon decanter.

2. Whiskey does not age in the bottle. Don't let anyone claim that you have to keep your whisky in the original bottle to continue aging. And don't leave your whisky lounge unopened on the shelf, hoping to prolong the aging process. Another reason to store whisky in a decanter is that, unlike wine, whisky does not mature in its original bottle. That's because whisky has very little tannin, which can change the flavor over time. So the whisky retains its flavor even after it is removed from the barrel. Likewise, whisky's high alcohol content of at least 40% makes it resistant to flavor changes. So a 12-year-old whisky is always a 12-year-old whisky, no matter how long you keep it. If your decanter has a seal, your whisky will last as long as the original unopened bottle. Make sure you choose lead free crystal as you don't want lead leaching into your whisky

3. You can create your own whisky blend Sounds like blasphemy, right? For those who will never blend their own whisky, skip to point 4. For those who prefer to be a little more adventurous, consider pouring together different types of whisky to create your own blend. This may mean you need several different styles of decanters, but it also means you can have some variation in your whisky drinking

Fourth, you can keep your guests guessing. By serving your whisky in a decanter - labels not included - you can serve your guests any type and age of whisky you like. You can taste-test by purchasing multiple decanters and using them to store different types or blends of whisky. You can keep your own personal whisky mouth if you wish

5. You can limit your intake This reason is somewhat selfish. However, if you buy a 750ml decanter for your whisky and show it off, you can be sure your friends won't be left overnight for claiming a limited supply. Whiskey is for sipping, not for drinking!

6. It looks good! In terms of practical use, this reason is probably the most decadent. But really, who doesn't love the look of a decanter or two displayed on a bar or shelf? Having a nice set including a twist decanter and some heavy crystal whiskey glasses just gives you the chance to share a drink with your friends

The Last Sip We have some interesting reasons why you should use a whisky decanter. Maybe you really don't want to blend your own whisky, or limit your guests' intake. But using a decanter can help preserve the age of your whisky. It is not correct for whisky to age in its original bottle, so decanters are ideal for whisky storage, display and serving. More decanters means more whisky options! Owning a set of beautiful, high-quality lead-free crystal glasses and decanters is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite whisky.

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