How to use various shapes of cocktail glasses?

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one. Glass of Bordeaux: (suitable for most red Bordeaux wines from France)

1. The cup is long and not vertical,glass cookware.

2. The curvature of the cup wall can effectively adjust the diffusion direction of the wine at the entrance

3. The wider mouth of the glass allows the wine body to fully contact the air, so that the drinker can better feel the gradual aroma of the Bordeaux wine

two. Burgundy glass: (fruity red Burgundy wine)

1. The spherical shape of the belly can just guide the wine from the tip of the tongue, and achieve a full blend of fruity and sour flavors

2. The inwardly narrowed mouth can better concentrate the potential wine aroma

three. Champagne glasses: (suitable for all sparkling wines, also ice wine)

1. The body of the cup is slender, leaving enough room for the bubbles to rise

2. The bottom of the cup has a sharp point, which can make the bubbles richer and more beautiful

Four. Dessert glass: (Sweet wine such as sweet white, port, sherry)

The everted cup allows the wine flavor to gather on the tip of the tongue, bringing out the fruity sweetness to the fullest.

five. Cocktail Glass (Short Drink Cocktail)

1. There is a slender handle at the bottom and a triangle or trapezoid on the top.

2. The unique shape brews a variety of styles, making home life exude the mellowness of cocktails

six. Columbus Cup (170-300ml)

Bullet cups (about 30ml) are mainly used for simple bartending in bars (depth bombs, etc.)

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