Magnetic crystal glass teapot set

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Glass Tea Set Magnetic Crystal Glass Teapot Suit,glass cookware.
TeapotTeapot with 4 cupsTeapot YellowTeapot Yellow 4 cup
【HEALTHY】This beautiful teapot set is made of transparent borosilicate glass, which has excellent heat resistance and durability. Making them perfect for use with blooming tea.
【MASTERFUL DESIGN】Specially designed gooseneck type non-drip water outlet, smooth water flow. It can effectively prevent water from splashing out.High-quality handle, firm grip, easy to hold and easy to dump.
【AUTOMATIC WATER INJECTION】The glass teapot with a removable infuser magnetically draws out water, which is convenient and quick, and is very suitable for enjoying scented tea, loose leaf tea, tea bags and soaking healthy fruit tea.
【EASY TO CLEAN】Three body split combination design, easy to clean. Stainless steel filter, effective filtration of tea residue, and does not absorb the taste of tea.
【LUXURY GIFTS】Whether it's weddings, birthdays, family gatherings or other gatherings, our glass tea sets are your favorite luxury gifts.The stylish design meets daily use. Beautiful and very decent.
Brewing tea in a glass teapot adds beauty and elegance to the ritual of tea service. When loose tea or tea flowers are placed inside a glass vessel, the unfurling of the leaves is visible as it transforms pure water into a flavorful steep. Watching this magical dance can heighten the experience of preparing and enjoying tea, adding a visual element that borders on something magical. To properly brew tea with a glass teapot, follow these steps and enjoy an exceptional cup of your favorite blend.
Make the most of every cup by choosing a blend made with exquisite flavors. Black, green, white, herbal and artisanal flowering teas all look beautiful when brewed in a glass pot. Tea "flowers" are actually bundles of tea leaves wrapped into a bulb-like shape that "blooms" as the tea steeps, turning the pot into a miniature garden that can be admired as it steeps. Gunpowder tea is a similar example; it takes its name from the gentle yet explosive way its pearls blossom when placed in hot water.
Flowering Tea Glass2 Teapot General 1440X1120
Using a kettle or a pan on the stove, heat the desired amount of water to the correct temperature for the tea you chose. Black and herbal teas need near-boiling water, around 208 degrees Fahrenheit, while green and white teas require slightly cooler water, closer to 175 degrees. Be sure to preheat your teapot by rinsing the vessel with hot water to warm it up. This creates a consistent temperature for the tea and helps prevent the possibility of breakage.


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