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whiskey glass

How many types of whisky glasses are there?

Whiskey glass types include Highball glass, Collins glass, classical glass, ice stone glass, sip glass, ISO international standard glass and Glencairn smelling glass, which are all commonly used in the market today. . The basic characteristics of a whisky glass are that it is short and wide,glass cookware   .

How many types of whisky glasses are there?

Classic Cup

Scope of application: a. Pure drinking whiskey (without ice) b. Pure drinking whisky (or with ice hockey) c. Whiskey cocktail. The most typical whiskey glass, named after the cocktail "old fashioned classic".

ice glass

Scope of application: pure drink whisky (with ice balls). This cup is a variant of the classic cup. It can be seen that its cup shape is smaller, because it is dedicated to pure drinking whisky, so the bottom part of the cup is designed to fit an ice ball, and the concave abdomen also makes it easier to grasp. Grip and move.

a cup

Scope of application: fast drinking. For some drinkers, they prefer to go to the bar rather than to taste slowly at home, and they need a quick alcohol intake, not a "peated gradation" or "diffusion of oak aroma", then a sip is suitable However.

ISO International Standard Cup

Scope of application: All alcohol pure drinking (without ice). Since it is called an international standard cup, there are naturally strict regulations in terms of size: its total height is 155mm, the widest part of the cup body is 65mm, the mouth of the cup is 46mm, and the wine body is poured into the widest part of just 50ml.

Glencairn Smell Cup

Scope of application: pure whisky (without ice). This is a glass specially designed for whisky tasting by British crystal glass manufacturer Glencairn. The body of the cup is in the shape of a pot, the bottom of the cup is thick, and there is no cup foot design, and the center of gravity is stable, so it is convenient to carry. The belly of the cup is very wide, which can hold enough wine body, and the center of gravity is low, which also means that it is suitable for playing slowly in the hand, and the technical requirements are also low.

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