Qǐ pào jiǔbēi xìliè qiǎn dié xiāngbīn bēi: Shì yī zhǒng tèbié xíngzhuàng de gāo jiǎo bēi, shìhé yòng

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Shallow saucer champagne glass: It is a specially shaped goblet that is suitable for the construction of champagne fountains in weddings and other celebrations, but its design error is in its shallow bottom. First, wine spills easily; second, bubbles and aromas dissipate too quickly. Third, holding this shape of the glass in the hand will make the champagne heat up quickly, affecting the taste. Therefore, it is recommended to use a slender glass for drinking sparkling wine at home,  glass cookware  .

Tulip-shaped glass: champagne glass, or tulip glass, with a slender handle at the bottom, a very deep curved glass body on the upper body, shaped like a tulip flower, with a small mouth and a large belly. It can hold the aroma of wine and is generally used for drinking champagne produced in the Champagne region of France and sparkling wine produced in other countries and regions. It can be sipped slowly and fully enjoy the fun of wine frothing in the glass.

Flute-shaped cup: The flute-shaped cup has its own advantages. The flute-shaped cup is small and slender. It not only looks more delicate, but also helps to keep the wine at a low temperature. More importantly, the flute-shaped cup can make the bubbles slowly. rise. For regular sparkling wines, flutes are especially suitable.

Ruthless Cup: The French meaning is ruthless, just like the Bao Gong trial, any wine poured into this cup can show all aspects of the wine's selflessness. This tasting glass has no feet and can only be held with the fingers on the two recessed parts. The mouth of the cup is the same diameter as the mouth of the ISO cup, and the bottom of the cup is a flat bottom without a handle. There are depressions on the bottom and sides. It is easy to break the liquid flow of the wine during the process of shaking the cup to help release the aroma; the two depressions have another function. , When holding the cup with your thumb and index finger, you can avoid the palm temperature from affecting the taste of the wine.

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