What are the main inspection items for foreign trade export glass bottles?

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What are the main inspection items for foreign trade export glass bottles,glasscookware?
     1. Appearance defect detection Appearance defect detection is based on the product quality specification, the overall inspection of the product, and the rejection of unqualified products. The use of glass bottles is different, and the requirements for defects are also different. Appearance defects are mainly inspected for the appearance (bottle mouth, neck, bottle body, bottle bottom), and products with obvious defects are eliminated. Appearance defects include air bubbles, stones, nodules, cracks, uneven wall thickness of glass products, product deformation, stitching on the parting surface, mesh cracks, excessive pressing or inclined shape, foreign impurities, rough bottle mouth, bottle mouth deformation , The appearance of the product is not bright, the bottom of the bottle is twisted, etc.
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     2. Specification and size detection The detection of product geometric size is an important test item. Check the specifications to determine whether the product is within the specified tolerance range. Specification and size testing mainly includes production volume, actual volume, bottle body diameter, the size of the bottle mouth part and other secondary dimensions.

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