How do you charge for custom glass bottle molds?

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How do you charge for custom glass bottle molds,glasscookware?
Customized manufacturers of glass bottles all know that the production of glass bottles requires molds, but it may not be clear how many sets of molds are required. They always wonder about one thing: we only customize one bottle, how to need 3 sets of 4 sets Even 5 sets of molds, only one mold is required to produce a glass bottle, but several sets are required, which must be confirmed according to the number of orders placed by the user. Due to the particularity of the industry, the minimum order quantity of glass bottles is generally 3- 50,000 pieces, to produce this quantity of glass bottles, 2 sets of molds are required. The price of the mold fee is about 1500-2500 according to the weight and bottle shape. The mouth mold and preliminary mold of the glass bottle are classified as vulnerable parts. When making a mold, additionally add a preparation die and a spare blank.
        Therefore, when customizing glass bottles, the regular glass bottle manufacturers will inform the glass bottle manufacturers in detail about the problem of mold. In addition, the cost of glass bottle molds will be returned to the customer in the form of defense payment after the customer has placed an order for 100,000 glass bottles.

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