Champagne glass

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Champagne glass

Some hotels will also provide that kind of bowl-shaped champagne glasses, which often appear in wedding banquets, celebrations and other festive occasions, mainly for building champagne towers at weddings. This bowl-shaped champagne glass has many defects in its shape design (bubbles and aromas disperse too quickly, the wine is easily oxidized quickly, and the grip makes the wine heat up too fast to affect the taste), and it is difficult to drink for a long time. Very rarely used,  glass cookware   .

Champagne towers at weddings and many festive celebrations are built with such glasses. The lines are tough and the glass body is in the shape of a triangle. Although it can also be used to build a champagne tower, it is more used for cocktails and snack containers, so many people mistakenly call it a cocktail glass. The method should be a North American-style saucer champagne glass.

When the champagne tower appears, people pay more attention to the atmosphere of the scene rather than the wine, and the cup shape that is not conducive to retaining the aroma is also not good for high-end sparkling wine, so this kind of cup is used to hold fresh, A lively, simple and fruity regular sparkling wine will suffice.

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