mulled wine glass

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mulled wine glass

A mulled wine glass is a wine glass whose main shape is a low profile with a short handle at the bottom.
The shape is short, the bottom has a short handle, the top is round and straight, and the straight opening is called Pony, which is mostly used to hold liqueurs and dessert wines,glass cookware    .

What is a mulled wine glass?

As the name suggests, the dessert wine glass is suitable for a variety of sweet wines, such as Port, Noble Rot, Icewine, and sweet Sherry. To better accentuate the characteristics of different sweet wines, sweet wine glasses also come in different shapes and sizes.

However, given the high sugar content of sweet wine and the fact that it is usually consumed after a meal, dessert wine glasses are much smaller and narrower than other types of wine glasses. In addition, such a small cup is also conducive to condensing the aroma of the wine, so that the taster can better feel the charming aroma and sweet taste of the wine.

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