cocktail glass

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cocktail glass

Measuring cup: It is a standard volumetric cup used to measure various liquids when preparing cocktails and other mixed drinks. It comes in two styles: The first is a stainless steel measuring cup with two funnel-shaped ends, one large and the other small. The second is a tall, flat-bottomed, thick glass measuring cup with standard graduations. When measuring wine with a glass measuring cup, pour the wine to the mark. Wine spout: installed on the mouth of the wine bottle to control the amount of wine poured out. In bars, each opened spirit is fitted with a spout made of stainless steel or plastic. It is divided into three types: slow, medium and fast. Mixing glass: It is a thick glass vessel used to hold ice cubes and various beverage ingredients. Bartender: Usually stainless steel. Common jugs are regular and Boston jugs. Once the drink and ice cubes are placed in the shaker, they are ready to be shaken. The shape of the stainless steel shaker should meet the standard. At present, there are three types of common wine bottles: 250ml, 350ml and 530ml,glass cookware  .

The usage of bartending glasses, what are the common bartenders
When you walk into the bar, it should be the cool bartender who attracts your attention. The bartending skills similar to acrobatics can always become a more eye-catching sight in the bar. For bartenders, the bartending glass should be a relatively common bartending utensil; but as an ordinary you, the use of the bartending glass is probably ignorant... The editor will show you the following. It introduces the usage of bartending glasses and common bartending tools. Knowing some bartending knowledge can be regarded as a long experience.

Mixing glass usage

A mixing glass is a wide-mouthed thick glass with a large or small volume. Its function is to mix and cool all kinds of bartending ingredients. Some are marked with scales, which can be used to measure wine and can also be used to hold ice cubes and various beverages. Typical mixing glass capacity: 16--17 ounces.

Mixing glass usage - shaking method

Introduction to mixing glasses, how to use mixing glasses
As the name suggests, a bartending glass is a glass used for bartending. It is generally a glass vessel. The main purpose of a bartending glass is to measure wine and it is an essential tool for bartending. The following mainly introduces the characteristics of bartending glass and the usage of bartending glass.

Introduction of mixing glass

Bartending is a kind of thick glassware, generally marked with scales on the cup body, mainly used to hold ice cubes and various beverages, and the capacity is generally 16-17 cups.

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