How to DIY Iced Tea Latte

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Ingredients: 4 tablespoons loose leaf tea 4 oz (175 ml) hot water 1 cup cold milk or dairy substitute 10 oz ice 16 oz mug,glass cookware.

DIY Iced Tea Latte in 4 Steps (easy to understand) As far as we're concerned, it's tea time all the time. Iced Tea Latte This drink is based on a delicious tea, poured over ice and drizzled with a little milk, and has all the moisturizing benefits of iced tea with the creaminess of a latte. let's start!

The first step is to measure the tea leaves. To measure like a pro, simply scoop 4 tablespoons (about 10 teaspoons) of loose leaf tea into a large 500ml glass with the lid open.

Step 2 Pour the hot water After preparing the tea leaves, it's time to pour the 120ml or so hot water from the kettle into the large glass. Water temperature is one of the most important variables for brewing a consistently great cup of tea. Too hot and you risk burning the leaves. Too cold and you get a mild iced latte. So how hot should your water be? To ensure the best results, follow this easy soaking guide. The secret to a delicious iced latte Steep a lot of tea in a little water to make the flavors rich and concentrated. This will help them shine in ice cubes and rich milk for a perfectly balanced iced tea latte.

Step 3 Let it soak. This is where the magic happens. You can set a timer here to give your tea time to release all its wonderful flavors and aromas. Don't forget to stir a little. Make sure all leaves of the tea cup are submerged or at least wet (we don't want any dry floating tea leaves on top). This will ensure that each tea leaf has enough calories to help extract its amazing flavor, giving you a delicious tea every time.

Fourth, pour the tea over ice and add milk. Pour the brewed tea through a strainer into another 500ml glass filled with 2/3 ice cubes and drizzle with cold milk for a creamy finish. Simply pour the cold milk of your choice directly into the cup - no frothing required. You can use nonfat whole, soy, almond, coconut...basically any milk that pleases your taste buds. Teas sometimes come in different flavors, depending on the type of milk you choose.

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