glass art

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glass art

Glass artworks refer to glass products with artistic value, decorative value, humanistic value and collection value that incorporate the artist's creative ideas and thoughts, reflect modern life, and have artistic, decorative, and cultural value,Glass product   .

Nowadays, people's taste is high, and glass art is more and more sought after by people. It enhances the taste and artistic sense for the decoration of ordinary people's homes. Glass artwork incorporates the artist's creative ideas and thoughts, and reflects the inspiration of modern life. It is a glass product with artistic value, decorative value, humanistic value and collection value.

The form of art comes alive in the glass, and in that transparency you see the form of beauty, just like drawing in your transparent dewdrops, you have accumulated a lot of imagination, just like the infinite light radiating in the pupil.

The development of Western glass products has a history of 3,500 years, and the research on glass is also very thorough. In Roman times, glass was almost a daily necessities, but it did not take a long time for glass to become a work of art. In 1970, the Royal Academy of Arts first established the The academic status of glass art is only 40 years ago, but because glass art was born in the academy, it has a complete set of scientific standards and value systems, and the context is very clear.

Glass art is a mainstream collection item in the West, and it is expensive. Although China has thousands of years of glazed development history, and ancient glazed artworks are also modern glass artworks, glass artworks have always been unknown in the collection world, and have even been misunderstood as cheap handicrafts. know. Domestic glass art comes from the University of Wolverhampton in the UK, which is almost the cradle of Chinese glass art. There are already glass art museums in China, the Shanghai Museum of Glass and the professional website for glass artworks. The famous glass artists include Zhuang Xiaowei, director of the Shanghai Museum, and Yang Huishan, the founder of Liuli Workshop.

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