Where is the pattern printed on the double-layer glass? How it was printed

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Many customers ask whether the logo and text printed on the double-layer glass are printed on the outside or on the inside. glass cookware ,Is it easy to fall off? Jingyu double-layer glass factory will give you an answer to what is the printing process on the double-layer glass?
  First of all, the double-layer glass with customized text and logo is printed on the outer wall of the inner layer, and it will not fade or fall off. It will not pollute and is very safe. In addition, many customers do not understand how this is printed?

In fact, the process of printing on the inner and outer walls of the double-layer glass is now very common. First of all, the double-layer glass is divided into two separate cups before and after firing. Put the inner cup into a suitable position on the outside of the inner cup, and then put the inner cup into the outer cup, and then the interface of the two cups is sintered and shaped at high temperature. In this way, the printed pattern cannot be touched, so there will be no fading phenomenon.

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