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Measure the correct amount of tea or place a tea flower directly into the pot. Though many glass teapots come with an infuser, there's something special about watching tea leaves expand as they brew. This is especially true of pearl and gunpowder varieties,glass cookware.
Each tea type has a specific brewing time. For delicate green tea, it's around two to three minutes to avoid bitterness, while black teas may require three to five minutes for ideal flavor. Herbal teas may take more than five minutes for the flavor to fully infuse, and may never become bitter from over-steeping.
Watch the water color change and taste the tea at the shortest end of the steeping time range. Keep tasting every thirty seconds or so until you find the strength you prefer.
Make sure all the tea leaves have settled before pouring your tea. If you chose not to use an infuser, you may wish to pour it through a strainer into your cup. Tea purists may wish to preheat the cups with hot water as well, but this isn't necessary. Add your preferred sweetener, stir, and enjoy. Keep the remainder of the tea warm with a teapot warmer, either via a warming zone on the stove or with a small, burner-style stand and tea light.
Using a glass teapot allows you to control every aspect of the tea brewing experience. By giving you the ability to watch the leaves expand and gauge the strength of the tea from the color of the liquid, glass teapots ensure optimal flavor along with a magnificent show.


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