Personalized Salad BowlPersonalized Salad Bowl

Personalized Salad Bowl

Material: glass, wood

The Luxurious Surname Personalized Salad Serving Bowl with Acacia Wood Base makes a stunning serving bowl for any occa...

Hummingbird Feeder with Red BassHummingbird Feeder with Red Bass

Hummingbird Feeder with Red Bass

Material: glass, metal

This hummingbird feeder is beautiful, durable, durable, made of metal and glass (never cheap plastic that will crack...

sea glass bowlsea glass bowl

sea glass bowl

Material: sea glass

Width: 5.3 inches
Height: 2 inches
Depth: 5.3 inches

Decorative bowl made of sea glass. Various colors are available. 2"...

milk glass bowlmilk glass bowl

milk glass bowl

The benefits of milk glass bowls, the advantages of using glass bottles as milk packaging:
1. Conducive to environmental protection --- the milk packaged in gla...

Crystal Basket with Frilled EdgeCrystal Basket with Frilled Edge

Crystal Basket with Frilled Edge

Material: milk glass

Crystal Basket. Milk glass roll stud pattern basket with ruffled edges. Collector or wedding milk cup. It is in good condition....

molten glass bowlmolten glass bowl

molten glass bowl

Read the full bill of materials
Materials: glass, blown glass, fused glass, teak, teak roots, teak, wood, natural wood, Glass product .


Black iron ball, crystal ball display standBlack iron ball, crystal ball display stand

Black iron ball, crystal ball display stand


PERFECT MULTI-PURPOSE STAND - This beautiful stand is available in 3 sizes (3.5", 4.5" and 5" diameter) to perfectly showcase your home dec...

Art Deco Glass BowlArt Deco Glass Bowl

Art Deco Glass Bowl

Material: Glass


A wonderful Art Deco pink glass bowl. Manufactured in the 1930s by the Austrian company Stölzle and produced at its Hermanova H...

Japanese Personality Phnom Penh Love Glass BowlJapanese Personality Phnom Penh Love Glass Bowl

Japanese Personality Phnom Penh Love Glass Bowl

Summer is here, and salads are a must-have again, and to perfect a delicious salad, you need an exquisite salad bowl. This can bring out the delicious dish of t...

 Dessert Bowls Set of Six Dessert Bowls Set of Six

Dessert Bowls Set of Six

A lovely set of six (6) Sasaki of Japan mid-century modern Scandinavian "like" designs clear glass dessert or small salad bowls in very good condition to excell...

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