Martini glass

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Martini glass

This is the most common cup in bars. In most cases, it is a typical cup used to produce the "King of Cocktails" Martini. In many cases, it is also directly called the "Cocktail Cup".

It is also the standard template for cocktail cups around the world. Because the capacity of martini cup is generally small, it is not suitable for base wines or cocktails with many ingredients. Martini cup is generally used for cocktails with simple ingredients and unique flavor,glass cookware

Martini Cup - the symbol of cocktail

Greg Bohm, founder of Cocktail Kingdom, a website that specializes in cocktail tools, said frankly that the Martini Cup is a kind of problematic cup and its design is unrealistic.

Martini cup, the inverted triangle of the cup body gives people a kind of precarious temptation.

In addition, it is not practical, easy to break, easy to sprinkle and other defects, making many bartenders dissatisfied with this cup type. The future of Martini Cup may not be bright, but what kind of cup can be used as a symbol to represent the popular cocktail culture.

The inverted triangle and slender neck - Martini Cup is the most symbolic symbol of cocktails. It even makes people more aware of what kind of drink they are going to get than writing "cocktail" and "Cocktail" at the door of the bar.

The story of Martini Cup

In 1925, the Martini Cup made its debut at the International Modern Decoration and Industrial Art Exhibition held in Paris. However, it did not become popular immediately, or even had nothing to do with martini cocktails.

In the 1940s, Martini came together with this special shaped glass (inverted triangle, slender neck). The name of Martini Cup was also fixed at this time, and began to become ubiquitous.

The clean lines of this cup soon became a common symbol, and bars around the world processed its outline into a logo. Anyone can draw it on a piece of paper with five lines (add one line at the top and one line at the bottom of the "Y"), and then pass it on to colleagues in a boring meeting. The other party will immediately understand that this is an invitation after the meeting and give a subtle nod.

After the 1960s, the tasteless vodka began to replace the golden wine, and the martini on the classical cup and the rough ice was replaced. The modernist aesthetic of this drink symbol began to collapse.

In the 1980s and 1990s, it was a super large vodka fruit drink. The name of Martini was overused, and the size of Martini cups became larger and larger.

The inverted triangle design allows the surface area of the liquid to increase proportionally with the increase of volume, which also means that a slight shake can easily cause the liquid to spill out of the cup, laying a hidden danger for the crowded bar and the tray of the cocktail party. The favorite of conservatives, the impression of inferior drinks, and the inefficient design finally led to the Martini Cup being disdained by today's users.

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