Cocktail glasses that bring you a different experience

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The so-called cocktail glass must be a glass used to hold cocktails. Cocktail glasses are very important as the carrier of cocktails with excellent color, aroma, taste and shape. The right wine with the right glass can take the beauty of a cocktail to the next level,glass cookware .

This round light-colored glass is made of lead-free glass, simple and classic, stylish and crystal clear. The workmanship is delicate, the contour curve is round and smooth, and the wine glass is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip. Whether it is a wine glass or another, it is a recommended glass.

The mouth of the cup is round and delicate, polished smoothly, without burrs, and fits the lips, giving you a comfortable experience. Colorless, odorless, safe material, easy to clean. The bottom has a slender handle, the top is about an equilateral triangle, and the base is thickened and placed stably, reducing the risk of breakage.

The cup body is transparent and bright, the edge is round and smooth, light and translucent, the interaction of light and color is smart and dynamic, even a simple cup of water creates a warm atmosphere and mood. The body of the cup is sturdy, wear-resistant, and the stem of the cup is full and comfortable to touch.

SANZO crystal wine glasses are widely used in bars, KTVs, clear bars, food stalls, parties, families and other occasions. It is also the selected brand of professional bartenders. Traditional handcrafted, using high-quality crystal material to create a sparkling beverage carrier. Each cup design has to go through many tests and development, carefully crafted, until a better presentation.

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