Friends drink with small wine glasses, and drink wine with the breeze?

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HI~~ Hello everyone,glass cookware ! ! Three or a few friends get together at home, fry a few side dishes, and drink wine to cheer up the fun. It is said that "a thousand cups of wine is less than a confidant", but whether it is white wine or foreign wine, drinking too much will damage the liver, affect driving, and endanger safety at the same time. So it's good to have a small gathering for a drink, just to have a little taste.
If you want to drink a small amount and enjoy it, maybe you need a set of small wine glasses with feelings and emotions. Between the cups and collisions, the wine is overflowing, and the confidant's heart is told.

There are five criteria for evaluating a crystal glass: hardness, light transmittance, clinking sound, taste difference and appearance. The hardness of the genuine crystal glass reaches Mohs level 7, which is harder, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant and more durable; less impurities and strong light transmittance, which can better observe the wine color; pleasant and long-lasting, increasing the pleasant atmosphere of the banquet; laser cold cut glass The wall section is better and finer, it is easier to gather fragrance, and the taste is round and full; the gloss is good, crystal clear, and it feels like a fine handicraft.

One, boutique! grace!

Because of the wine glass, I love drinking
red wine glass for love

Second, fashion and simplicity!

Stylish and simple, original design, mine is different, no one can follow

Atmosphere must belong to tasters

Cup mouth treatment--flat cut, no curling

Soft cup body curve, colorless and transparent, bright lines

Smooth cup, fine craftsmanship, enhance dining experience

The smooth cup and tray design reduces the risk of breakage.

Three, the core! taste!

This crystal glass is made of lead-free crystal glass, which has good light transmittance. After pouring the wine, the wine shakes and has a good visual effect. The base is thicker, and the amount of wine is a lot, but it feels stronger and more durable.

K07, fresh and simple modern crystal glass living room home drinking glass craft glass beer juice cup

Lead-free goblet, healthy lead-free + high transparent texture + exquisite craftsmanship. Adopt healthy lead-free glass, which is healthier and lighter than ordinary glass. The glass is delicate and delicate, showing love, and every tasting is full of fun. One-piece molding, exquisite workmanship, reflecting the charm and making the atmosphere more romantic.

healthy lifestyle
Start with an idea

Our life is really happy! Picture!

Although spirits are good, don't be greedy. Use a set of small wine glasses when confidants drink at a small gathering, which can not only brew the fragrance of the wine in the glass, but also control the intake, so that it is not easy to get drunk. Sip a little wine in the night when the breeze is intoxicated, and cherish the rare gathering time.

5. Charm suit

Let me introduce to you a charming suit, which is integrated, cost-effective, sturdy and beautiful, safe and non-toxic, beautiful and multi-purpose

Boutique promotion lead-free crystal red wine glass goblet tulip wine glass glass wine set factory direct sales

Transparent and bright, with rounded and smooth edges, light and translucent
The interaction of light and color is smart and dynamic, even a simple glass of water creates a warm atmosphere and mood
The cup mouth is round, the cup body is transparent and delicate, and the hand feels comfortable

   Six, cold beer

The collision of ice and fire, a variety of styles present classics
Lead-free glass, safe to use
Tasting time without worries
Glacier cracks, vivid carvings

K26-Modern personality creative glass home drinking glass home bar with craft beer glass juice cup
Delicate and exquisite, can't put it down, durable, random collision
Thickness interprets the depth of life, buy a suit with extraordinary style
Quality life, enjoyment at your fingertips, comfortable grip, thick and practical materials
Long life with you, round touch, wide caliber
A smoother drinking experience, fast cooling, and retention of rich alcohol
Whiskey Companion

In the afternoon of summer, I only feel sleepy. At this time, come with a glass of iced soda, and the brain cells are also activated~

Cup lovers, choose a cup you like! Although it is a small object, do not underestimate the charm of these small things.
If it happens to be what you like, every time you use it, your heart will be full of joy, Xiao Que fortunately came so simple, instantly full of vitality and revive~

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