What are the production process of glass bottle hand making machine?

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In the production of glass bottles, there are many hand-made machines (and there are also mechanical hand-made turning-mouth bottle processing processes), and there are two production processes in the production line. The process is different, and the price is also different. Many customers cannot I understand, I don't understand, the actual differences are,glass cookware:
1. For hand-made glass bottles, the actual effect and quality of the products will be different because of the different operators. The most significant area is at the bottom of the glass bottle, and the uniformity will vary from person to person. However, the actual operation time of a single type is an improvement, while the production line is different. The main parameters of the equipment and the number of bottle drops controlled by the CNC machine tool system on the computer are very well-proportioned and accurate, and the smoothness and uniformity of the products are produced. And the crescent-shaped line at the bottom of the glass bottle is very clear, and it is also beautiful and generous, which is suitable for the canning of large-scale production line utensils, which can greatly improve the production capacity and yield economic benefits.
2. During the actual operation of the production process of the hand-made machine, the stopper mold may be misaligned or not timely and unrealistic. The evenness of the mouth of the glass bottle made is also quite different, but the hand-made will also be due to some bottle types. It is more flexible than the production line, and then achieves the actual effect of the product that the production line cannot make.
3. Most of the hand-made machine abrasives are ejected by the door handle. The shaping refrigeration and clamping line of the glass bottle will be harmed by the time and length of the air blowing early, middle and late opening and closing of the abrasives. The production line On the other hand, the exhaust holes and the opening and closing time of the abrasive tools are very accurate, and the damage to the product shape is not large, and the product clamping line produced will not be large.
4. The production process of the hand-made machine does not have high requirements for the production site and the time for production modification, and it can flexibly consider the customer satisfaction of small orders. The mold processing time is short, and the cost and capital investment are small. It is also hand-made machine processing. One of the reasons why the craft has always been warmly welcomed by the glass bottle factory, and the production line will have certain regulations on the production site and the number of goods.
5. Nowadays, many glass bottle manufacturers will install two processing techniques of hand-made machine and production line on the same industrial kiln, so as to complement each other in production capacity, maximize the economic benefits of production and manufacturing, and consider the needs of different customers. Require.

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