The strength of glass bottles and their improvement in product quality

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When seeing a glass bottle, the first key is the clarity of the glass bottle. The crystal clearness of the glass bottle can give customers a neat impression on the visual effect, and the strength and quality of the glass bottle can improve the safety of customers,glass cookware.  In order to improve the quality of glassware, many manufacturers improve the strength of glassware by hot and cold spraying, heating the surface and inner cavity of glass bottles and filling granules to improve the strength of the glassware. Ways to reduce the cracks caused by glass bottles, and then to improve the strength of glass bottles and improve product quality.
For this type of powder injection solution, the actual basic principle is: when the glass bottle is released from the molding die of the bottle making machine, the multi-particulate ammonium sulfate granules are introduced into the bottle according to a fully automatic powder injection machine, and then the glass bottle is injected into the bottle. The bottle is sent to the quenching kiln for quenching. This type of automatic powder feeding machine is equipped with a silo, a material storage pipe and a feeding nozzle. The hydraulic cylinder with a feeding hole can be continuously horizontally dragged, and the quantitative analysis of the granules in the material storage pipe can be input into the feeding nozzle and dropped into the feeding nozzle. inside a glass bottle. Because the granules invested in this kind of processing technology can be evenly distributed in the glass bottle, the endothermic reaction of each part of the bottom of the bottle is uniform, which reduces the formation of cracks and improves the quality of the solution. Less cracks are caused, and the strength and production capacity can be relatively improved.

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