Glass bottle manufacturers teach you how to solve the problem of glass bottle blasting

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In recent years, the news of the explosion of glass bottles in the market has been constantly heard, and even people have some doubts about its safety. As a manufacturer, maintaining its reputation in the market and improving safety have also become more important tasks. First, where should we start to reduce the explosive problem? The glass bottle manufacturers will give you a detailed analysis,glasscookware.
    1. The reason why glass bottles are easy to explode; some of these products are used to package wine products, and because of the special nature of wine products, a certain amount of carbon dioxide will be released in a warm environment, and when the gas reaches a certain amount in a closed container , then it will press the inner wall of the package, and when it exceeds its bearing capacity, the problem of blasting will occur.
    2. How to deal with this problem? To deal with this problem, we must first start with the quality of the glass bottle, increase the thickness of its inner wall, or increase the degree of the selected skills, and then achieve the purpose of reducing the probability of blasting; in addition, about consumption For the first, it is necessary to prevent the packaging bottle from being exposed to the hot sun, and then reduce the amount of gas generated to improve safety.
    Despite the current glass production skills, in the wine packaging industry, due to the constraints of cost and many factors, multi-skills cannot be applied to the production of wine bottles, so it can only be done by adding inner walls or adjusting ingredients. method to improve its degree, and then improve the safety of use.

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