Old fashioned cocktail glass

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Old fashioned cocktail glass

Capacity: 180 mL-300 mL
Applicable Cocktails: Old Fashioned, Gin & Tonic, Screwdriver, Belarusian and Cuban Liberty, etc.
Classical cocktail glasses, also known as flat-bottomed glasses and wide-mouthed low-footed glasses, are also classic cups and are very common in bars. It has a wider rim and a thicker bottom, so some non-liquid ingredients can be shredded directly in the cup,glass cookware  .

glass for cocktails
The so-called cocktail glass covers two definitions:
First, the glass used to hold the cocktail (English: glassware);
Second, the glass called "cocktail glass" (English: cocktail glass).

Cocktails, also known as mixed drinks (English: mixed drinks), include alcoholic or non-alcoholic mixed drinks. The feature is that most cocktails need to be treated with ice or added ice, so the wine glasses used in cocktails include stemware, such as champagne. Glasses (flutes and tulips), saucers for champagne; also flat-bottomed glasses, such as old-fashioned glasses, highball glasses.

When it comes to the production characteristics of cocktails mentioned above, it is generally necessary to treat cocktails with ice, so when drinking the cup, you cannot directly touch the body of the cup with your hands, so as not to affect the flavor of the wine due to the temperature of your hands. Therefore, among the aforementioned wine glasses, the shallow saucer champagne glasses are mostly used to hold cocktails because of their tall feet, so the shallow saucer champagne glasses are specially called "cocktail glasses".

Cocktail glasses, with a slender handle at the bottom and an equilateral triangle or trapezoid above, are specially designed for short-drinking cocktails. Its unique shape brews thousands of styles, making home life exude the fragrance of cocktails. Mostly made of glass material.

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