White wine glass series

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Sauvignon blanc glass: The glass of white wine, the belly and mouth of the glass are smaller than the red wine glass, so that the aroma of the wine is easy to gather, so as not to let the aroma dissipate too quickly, the aroma of Sauvignon Blanc is relatively strong, slender glass The body helps to control the liquor in the middle of the tongue, so that the fruit and acidity can be balanced, glass cookware  .

Chardonnay Cup: Chardonnay white wine has high alcohol content, low fruit acid, and a mellow wine. It is also a small volume white wine glass. The Chardonnay glass and the Burgundy red wine glass have a similar pot-bellied glass body, and the steeper glass wall can make the diffusion effect of the wine entrance better. When entering the mouth, it first flows to the middle of the tongue, and then spreads out in all directions, so that the various components of the wine can produce a harmonious feeling.

Riesling Cup: Riesling is produced in cooler northern regions with low alcohol content and high fruit acid. The cup used to taste Riesling has a slightly forked mouth, and the wine is first introduced into the tip of the tongue, that is, the sweet area of the tongue, so the fruity taste is highlighted, and the sour taste of the wine with high acidity is relatively reduced.

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