Classification of wine glasses

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Classification of wine glasses

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The wine glass, because it has a slender base, is called a goblet by the public image, but in fact, a goblet is just one of the wine glasses. In the wine culture, the wine glass is an indispensable part. In the traditional western view, choosing the right wine glass for wine can help you taste the wine better, glass cookware   .

Wine glasses can be roughly divided into three types: red wine glasses, white wine glasses and champagne glasses. A variety of wines need to use different types of wine glasses to make the wine more mellow. The main function of the wine glass is to retain the aroma of the wine, so that the wine can be rotated in the glass and fully combined with the air. The standard cup type is a goblet with a big belly and a small mouth, the so-called tulip cup, so that the aroma can be concentrated on the top of the cup. The reason for the high feet is that you can hold the cup with your hand, so as not to touch the belly of the cup and affect the temperature of the wine.

The red wine glass has a handle at the bottom, and the upper body is rounder and wider than the white wine glass. Mainly used to hold red wine and cocktails made with it. Among the red wine glasses, the wine glasses specially used for Bordeaux red wine have a narrow diameter, and the capacity is about 170CC. Burgundy red wine glasses are tulip glasses with a wider bottom.

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