glass teapot

admin 2022-06-27 15:06:0703 Comments
I’ve had several teapots over the years, ceramic, glass, and plastic, in addition to loose tea infusers in every size and shape. This is my favorite.

It’s the perfect size, brewing two medium-sized mugs of tea. It really does make a difference having such a large basket for the tea leaves to float around in. Also, the spout is perfectly designed and does not dribble hot tea out while pouring. The price is fantastic, too,glass cookware .”
“This is a fabulous little teapot. I wanted a glass pot because I purchased the flowering tea balls and I wanted something pretty to brew them in. But I also wanted something practical for those times when I want to brew loose tea. This pot is perfect.

The inner mesh strainer is easily removable so you can use it or not. I chose this pot in particular because it didn’t have the delicate glass spout that sticks out and takes up room. I love the modern shape. It holds enough water for several cups of tea.”


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