Do you really know how to clean a red wine glass?

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Many people especially like to drink red wine,glass cookware . Although drinking red wine is relatively simple, if you want to drink red wine with quality, the cleanliness of the red wine glass is also a very important part. So how should a wine glass be cleaned? The following specially introduces some methods and techniques for you, these methods and techniques can help you easily clean the red wine glass.

Step 1: Rinse with warm water, the water temperature can be slightly warm to the touch. For the places where dirt is easily attached to the mouth or bottom, you can use detergent to scrub, you can use a special cleaning cloth, the cleaning cloth is polyester-cotton composite, which has good water absorption but can not shed hair, and absolutely avoid scratches. Most red wine glasses are crystal glasses. Because the characteristics of crystal glasses are relatively permeable, in the process of cleaning red wine glasses, if you do not want to leave any other taste, it is best to use baking soda to clean red wine glasses. Baking soda is a relatively natural cleaning agent. After washing, the red wine glass is not easy to leave other odors, and it will not affect the quality of the red wine in the process of tasting the red wine later.

Step 2: After rinsing, put the cup upside down on a flat cleaning cloth, let the water flow down naturally and control it to dry. When putting the cup upside down, be careful not to store water on the bottom of the cup, otherwise water marks will easily form.

Step 3: After the water in the cup is dry, wipe the water marks left with a dry cleaning cloth. When wiping, hold the cup with your left hand and wipe with your right hand. Start with the bottom, then the cup, and finally the cup. When wiping the inside of the cup body, the towel should be gently rotated around the cup body, do not wipe vigorously.

Step 4: The cleaned glass can be hung upside down on the cup holder without water marks, or it can be placed in the wine cabinet with the mouth up. Avoid placing the cup upside down in the wine cabinet for a long time, so that the unclean or stale smell will easily accumulate in the cup and bowl if it is not moved for a long time, which will affect the use.

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