The ritual of drinking tea

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Tea is an indispensable daily drink in the life of many Chinese people, and it is known as the "national drink". Tea is a drink, and tea is also a medicine, which leads to tea therapy and health preservation, glass cookware .

 Tea therapy and health

The reason why tea can cure diseases is because tea has a biased nature, it has nature, flavor, and meridian, and it has efficacy and indications, which are similar to conventional traditional Chinese medicine.

In addition, the process of drinking tea also requires the body and meditation, which makes tea drinking rise to the level of Tao.

Drinking tea can not only exert the medicinal power of tea, but also can make people quiet and keep the spirit, calm and empty, so as to nourish the qi and the spirit, and have the effect of curing the heart.

drinking tea

As a daily beverage, in addition to satisfying the basic needs of quenching thirst, tea also has the power to maintain health and cure diseases. We all pay attention to people, and we can’t stop drinking tea. A set of glass teaware that is pleasing to the eye can make tea drinking full of ritual.

Compared with the fancy design, it is easy to get aesthetic fatigue, but the simple and retro design is more attractive. The simple design of this tea set is very textured and beautiful.

The details are exquisite, the three-dimensional sense is strong, the craftsmanship is ingenious, simple and generous, the eagle mouth type cup mouth design, the water flow is smooth and the bottom is thickened, safe and stable, the tea soup is poured into the cup, and the tea water and the texture are integrated.

On a quiet leisure day, pour yourself a pot of hot tea, take a sip, and feel the tranquility and elegance in life.

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