Afraid of embarrassment when eating western food and wine table? It's enough to read this~

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When we go out to eat western food, generally steak and red wine are standard, but when you are faced with a row of wine glasses, is it impossible to start, but you need to pay attention to personal etiquette, is it very annoying,glass cookware ?

Let me introduce to you the different wine glasses to use.

Placing etiquette

When facing the knives, forks and spoons displayed in front of you, these have been arranged from the outside to the inside in the order of serving, and you can pick them up from the outside according to the order of serving.

But in order to best express the charm of the wine it holds, the order of the wine glasses is roughly - the water glass is placed on the right side of the plate, just in front of the knife

The champagne glass is placed on the right side of the water glass, keeping a slight distance from the water glass;

Red wine glasses and white wine glasses are placed in the middle of the water glasses and champagne glasses a little bit forward;

Sherry glasses and Port wine glasses can be placed on the right side of the wine glasses;

The brandy glass is placed in front of the Sherry glass;

All cups can be arranged in a diagonal line, with the water cup furthest to the left and the brandy cup closest to the right.

If you want to better understand each wine glass, you have to talk about its characteristics. First, the champagne glass: a slender flute glass; secondly, the sherry glass: spherical goblet; then the red wine glass: budding tulip-shaped goblet;

Then the white wine glasses: the tulip-shaped goblets just bloomed; the port glasses: the spirit glasses; and finally the brandy glasses: the pot-bellied glasses and the regular water glasses.

The above is our brief introduction to the use of wine glasses in Western food etiquette. Have you learned it?

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