Glass bottles by shape

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(1) Classification according to the geometric shape of glass bottles

①Round glass bottle. The cross-section of the bottle body is circular, which is the most commonly used bottle type with high strength,glass cookware.

②Square glass bottle. The cross section of the bottle body is square, the strength of this kind of bottle is lower than that of the round bottle, and it is more difficult to manufacture, so it is less used.

③ Curved glass bottle. Although the cross section is circular, it is curved in the height direction. There are two kinds of concave and convex, such as vase type, gourd type, etc. The method is novel and very popular among users.

④Oval glass bottle. The section is ellipse, although the capacity is small, but the shape is the same, and users like it very much.

(3) Classification according to different uses

① Glass bottles for alcohol. The output of alcohol is very large, and it is almost all packaged in glass bottles, mainly round glass bottles.

②Daily packaging glass bottle. It is usually used to package various daily commodities, such as cosmetics, ink, glue, etc. Since there are many types of merchants, the bottle shapes and seals are also diverse.

③ Canned bottles. There are many types of canned food, and the output is large, so it is self-contained. Multi-purpose jar, the capacity is generally 0.2 ~ 0.5L.

④Medical glass bottles. This is a glass bottle used to package medicines, including a 10-200mL brown mouth bottle, a 100-1000mL infusion bottle, a completely sealed ampoule, etc.

⑤ Bottles for chemical reagents. It is used for packaging various chemical reagents, the capacity is generally 250-1200mL, and the bottle mouth is mostly screw or ground.

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