Matters needing attention in the production process of glass bottle molds

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Matters needing attention in the production process of glass bottle molds,glasscookware.
The most important element in glass bottle production is the glass bottle mold. I trust all glass bottle makers and almost all salespeople are familiar with molds, and they all know that molds are made with a lathe, but if you ask about molds, I guess very few people really understand the process. . The basic steps to make a glass bottle mold are listed below, everyone can share
The first step is the planning drawing: hand over the sample glass bottle or size to the planner to plan the drawing of the whole machine group;
The second step is to turn sand blanks: turn out the blanks of each component according to the drawings;
The third step is milling with a milling machine: the initial mold and blank are milled into the plane by the milling machine
The fourth step is to put everything into parts at the same time: all the workshops, all the horses and all the lathes are started, and their respective labors are divided; there is a dry primary mold, the end of the mold is the bottom of the mold, the road is completed, and then the first two completed
At the end of the mold bottle, there are dry bulkheads, dry funnels, dry taps and dry die, and then someone will dry the core or punch and cooler;
The fifth step of engraving: After the second step is completed, put the shape or original model into the engraving lathe, and automatically hand over 99 jobs to engraving according to the planned program, thus saving time and energy, no
make mistakes
The sixth step is polishing: the mold and final mold carved from the fine carving are sanded with fine sandpaper;
The seventh step is assembly: the components assembled on each production line are assembled, and the loose parts are combined into finished parts;
The eighth step is drilling: drilling or venting of all finished parts / according to the drawings.

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