How to judge the quality of glass bottles?

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How to judge the quality of glass bottles,glasscookware?
      With the progress of society, glass bottle packaging products are also emerging one after another. Nowadays, there are more and more liquor bottle products on the market. Consumers are also confused when choosing liquor bottles. In the absence of professional tools, how to use simple How to judge the quality of liquor bottle products?
     To judge the quality of white glass bottles, it is necessary to observe whether the liquor bottle body is deformed, bent, whether the bottle mouth is flat, whether the bottle bottom is convex, etc. From these aspects, we can eliminate some substandard liquor bottle products.
Secondly, carefully observe whether the glass of the white wine bottle is smooth and clear, whether the bottle body contains bubbles and impurities, whether there are bubbles and impurities; whether there are cracks and spots, whether there are cracks and spots, if there are any of the above defects, the product is not in the production process. A good melting and cooling process causes certain defects and even certain safety risks.
      In addition, when choosing liquor bottle products, you should pay attention to the thickness of the bottle body. If the thickness of the bottle body is not enough and the weight is too light, the quality of the liquor bottle product will be slightly worse. When hitting the wine bottle, if the sound is crisp and comfortable, and the quality of the raw materials is good, if the sound is crisp and dull, it proves that the quality of the wine bottle product is unclear.

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