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The characteristics of the Margaret Cup are

How many milliliters of Margaret cup? It is generally 5-6 ounces, about 150-180ml. The Marguerite Cup, as its name implies, is mainly used to hold Marguerite cocktails. It can be said that it is a cocktail cup specially made for it. It is not surprising that as a cocktail queen, it has such treatment. After all, the king of cocktails also has, and the Marguerite cocktail cup is actually transformed from a shallow dish champagne cup, glass cookware      .

This glass is a goblet with a wide edge or platform, which is conducive to the decoration of margarita (stained with salt edge). The capacity of the Marguerite cup is 5-6 ounces, about 150-180ml. Margarita, a typical cocktail in the world, uses this kind of glass.

Colorful cocktails with different styles, some are passionate, some are mysterious and distant, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. It seems that there is no gorgeous color that can not be prepared by cocktails. Colorful cocktails can bloom their beauty through pure and bright wine glasses of triangle or flute shape.

There are many kinds of cocktail glasses, among which martini glass is typical. Different cocktails are drunk with cocktail glasses of different shapes and sizes.

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