saucer champagne glasses

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saucer champagne glasses

Capacity: 300 mL
Suitable for cocktails: Manhattan, sidecar and champagne-based cocktails.
The saucer-shaped champagne glass is a saucer-shaped glass with a wide and shallow mouth. This wine glass was born in England in 1663 and has since become an indispensable wine glass for building a champagne tower, glass cookware    .

Three types of champagne glasses: flute, tulip and butterfly

Three kinds of champagne glasses: flute, tulip and butterfly_Nanjing Oriental Pearl Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. supplies 2-methylbutyric acid imported raw materials

Three types of champagne glasses: flute, tulip and butterfly, our company has a mature logistics system, fast delivery, and uninterrupted supply of high-purity 2-methylbutyric acid throughout the year, to meet your production needs

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