Uses of various wine glasses

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. Bordeaux red wine glass: The glass body is long and the mouth of the glass is narrow, which is suitable for making the smell of wine gather at the mouth of the glass. The glass of Bordeaux is also suitable for other red wines besides Burgundy,  glass cookware  .
2. Burgundy red wine glass: The glass body is short, the belly is wide, and the mouth is large, which is suitable for sticking the nose in and smelling the fragrance.

3. White wine glass: The mouth of the glass is slightly larger than the belly, which is suitable for slightly sweet and refrigerated wine. Pour the wine to about two-thirds.

4. Cocktail glass: The traditional cocktail glass, in the shape of an inverted triangle, shows its own characteristics with transparent glass. Do not add ice cubes, and do not drop accessories into the glass. Generally only 75cc is installed.
5. Champagne saucer glass: The capacity is small, and this glass is used for cheering occasions. Stackable champagne flute towers.

6. Storm Cup: Named after the shape of the cup is like the cover of a wind lamp. Ladies who love tropical cocktails are no strangers, and many cocktails like pina colada are served in these glasses.

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