Introduction to the usefulness of various red wine glasses 2

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10. Beer mug: Beer must be cold, not ice cubes, because putting ice cubes will affect the aroma and taste of beer. In addition, it is best to put the cup in the cold room above the refrigerator, and take it out for use when drinking. The general rule is that this kind of beer is only used for bulk beer, and the bottled or canned beer should be poured into a tall beer glass (Pilsner) to drink after opening, glass cookware   .

11. Bullet glass: A dry sip of foreign wine is called a shot, and the glass used to drink it is naturally called a shot glass. Generally small, up to two ounces capacity. The standard size for a shot is two ounces. If you go to a bar for spirits, a serving is also two ounces. Tequila's shot glass is slightly more elongated than normal shot glass.

12. Champagne glass: The slender tulip-shaped goblet can fully display the tiny bubbles rising from the champagne in the glass. When pouring, do not fill it up, so that it is said that it can retain the fog generated on the surface of the wine after the bubbles burst. Champagne must be drunk cold, preferably around 8-10 degrees. If you use a special champagne ice bucket to hold ice water for ice, it will take about 20 minutes. If using the refrigerator, put it in 3-4 hours before drinking. For the same reason, when drinking champagne, use your fingers to hold the handle of the glass so that your hands will not warm the wine in the glass.

13. Highball cup or highball cup: also known as cylindrical cup, it is not large in size, smaller than a can of beer. It is a very common glass cup and has a wide range of uses. It is mostly used in cocktails such as water whisky, gin tonic, highball, fizz and so on. There are small (180ml), medium (240ml) and large (300-360ml). The taller straight glasses are called collins and are mainly used for soft drinks. The tall cup is similar in appearance to the highball, but has a larger length and capacity, and is mainly used to hold soft drinks.

14. Kelin Straight Cup: Also known as a tall cup, it is in the shape of a tall cylinder. It can be used for simple drinks such as whiskey and soda or gin and fruit juice, or used for Kalim cocktails, and can also be used to hold juice or soft drinks. The capacity is 240-360 ml, and the taller barrel is called a chimney cup. From the outside, the Kelin straight glass is much taller than the highball glass (similar in appearance, thick bottom, and hemispherical inside), because such a tall figure can make the cocktail taste different. Such as "Singapore Sling" straight cup can be used to drink green tea.

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