beer mug

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beer mug

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This beer mug is a traditional German beer mug, which generally has a lid attached to the body of the mug and a handle. The texture is tin, pottery, porcelain, glass, wood, silver and so on. There are beautiful patterns or pictures on the outside of the cup.
As for why this traditional beer mug has a lid, there is a saying that in the era of plague in Europe, for hygiene and cleanliness, there was a lid on the beer mug. But beer mugs are generally made of glass, with equal volumes of 500 ml and 1000 ml. In our country, this kind of beer mug is generally called "Zha", some say it comes from the English word draft, and some say it comes from jug. But in fact, the Chinese "zha" comes from the English jug, which refers to a pot or jar with a handle. Draft is the meaning of bulk beer, not specifically beer mugs.
Chinese name beer glass, foreign name beer glassware Pinyin pí jiǔ bēi Interpretation refers to the glass mainly used for drinking beer texture tin, pottery, porcelain, glass, wood, silver and other capacities ranging from 360-1500 ml,  glass cookware .

Beer mugs have a capacity ranging from 360-1500 ml. Its shape, like its volume, is also varied. The shape of the beer mug is different, and it is related to the origin of the beer, the type of raw materials, the production method, and the drinking method.
Generally speaking, because beer is drunk after being refrigerated, the drinker's hand should not touch the body of the cup, so as not to affect the taste of the wine, so some beer glasses have high feet. Due to the low alcohol content of beer, the drinking volume is large and the volume of the cup body is large. Beer mugs also have flat-footed glasses, but flat-footed glasses generally have handles.

Beer glasses are in Europe, especially in countries with a tradition of brewing beer. Due to different types of raw materials and production methods, such as beer produced by top fermentation (ale in the United Kingdom) and beer produced by bottom fermentation, different wine glasses are required for different thicknesses of wine. . Common types of beer mugs in China are:
wheat beer mug

Wheat beer mug: flat bottom, high waist streamline, wide mouth, volume 500ml. Thick, fragrant wheat beer
, The foam is rich, and the wide mouth glass is to make the wine aroma and foam overflow to the mouth of the glass.

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