Fairy-looking wedding champagne glasses?

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Champagne is a must at a wedding, and the champagne glass is the ideal glass for sipping champagne due to the elegant shape of the slender goblets,glass cookware.
Champagne not only has a soft, fresh and easy-to-approach good taste, but also the bubbles that rise and rise like beads, but also make the happy mood at the moment of drinking and the wedding atmosphere reach the highest point. Today, I will tell you about which couples champagne glasses are at the wedding.

The slender tulip-shaped wine glass tapers to the top to retain the aroma of the wine, while the slender champagne glass is an ideal wine glass for champagne due to its elegant shape. When the fragrance of roses passes from the tip of the nose, the soft light of the wedding banquet sprinkles down, and a pair of thorough champagne glasses will become a unique scenery on the table.

The cup body is made of crystal glass material, using traditional blowing technology, safe and lead-free, transparent texture. The cupping inherits the enamel handmade skills, with distinct colors, durable and non-fading, multiple electroplating processes, the coating is meticulous, flat, good wear resistance, good stability, uniform thickness, no rust. There are crystal bows, roses, peach hearts, gold diamonds and other styles, exquisite gift box packaging, perfect gift.

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