How to solve the small mouth of the glass bottle?

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How to solve the small mouth of the glass bottle,glass cookware?
When glass bottles are produced, sometimes the inner diameter of the cork is too small (alias mouth/fine mouth), and there are two kinds of mouths, one is the narrowing of the average inner diameter of the entire mouth, and the other is a part of the narrowing; When a standard iron rod or inner plug is used to put it into the bottle stopper, a part of it is blocked or cannot come down at all; this kind of situation is related to three factors: the material shape and temperature of the feeder, the design of the mandrel and the actual operation, and the consumption. The actual operation will be analyzed one by one below.
Material shape and material temperature of feeder --- the top of the gob design is very sharp and too thin, and the uneven or high temperature of the gob will lead to the opening of the glass bottle; The bronchial feeder drops the temperature to a suitable temperature; in the design of the mandrel, the appearance design is unscientific and it is very easy to produce fine holes, and the oil scale is too large or the contact time with the laminated glass frit is too long and short during consumption, which will result in A slightly lower temperature of the mandrel will produce a hole.
In this case, the actual operation staff is requested to check it frequently, and immediately settle the settlement once the oil scale is too large; the improper use of the bottle pliers during the actual production operation will also cause holes. Of course, it will narrow; therefore, it is also important to carefully measure the size of the cork before operating the machine, and select the appropriate clamp.
Other problems, such as the poor application of air-conditioning in the die opening or the too high and poor corks between the blowing inspection heads, etc., can also cause problems. All these require the actual operation master or oiler to conduct hot inspections and solve the problems in a timely manner. Handling, to avoid long-term damage, once the glass bottle has a hole or a thin mouth, when it comes to the consumer manufacturer for canning, the canning will be offset and the bottle stopper management center will not be able to complete the canning.
The inner diameter of some bottle stoppers is too small, and the canning tube cannot be inserted into the bottle stopper, so it cannot be canned; when the top cover is used, if the bottle stopper supporting facilities have an inner stopper, the inner diameter of the bottle stopper will not match the previously specified inner stopper. , There are also some that even if it is possible to press the inner stopper into the inside of the bottle stopper, because the inner stopper bounces out of the mouth, and finally it is the condition of fluid leakage or exudation.

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