Introduce the design advantages of double-layer vacuum glass

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Double-layer vacuum glass refers to glass that contains boric acid and silicic acid, has strong heat resistance, and can withstand rapid temperature changes. The coefficient of thermal expansion (the glass expansion ratio caused by temperature rise) is relatively small, and it has low expansion, thermal shock resistance, and A series of excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, glass cookware,corrosion resistance and high strength, and it is not easy to break under rapid temperature changes. Heat-resistant glass has a high safety factor and will not explode as easily as tempered glass. It has a wide temperature range and can withstand temperatures up to 400°C. high temperature.
The double-layer vacuum glass cup body is made of high-quality high-quality borosilicate crystal glass tube, which has high transparency, wear resistance, smooth surface, easy to clean, healthy and hygienic. It is fired at high temperature and has strong adaptability to temperature changes and is not easy to burst. , Double-layer vacuum glass has become a tea set for drinking water, especially for brewing various famous teas. The tea set is crystal clear, suitable for viewing and has the effect of making tea. At the same time, the glass is cheap and easy to use, and it is very popular with consumers. welcome.

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