White wine glass

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White wine glass

Recently, Xiao Ou discovered that more and more friends around him have joined the ranks of wine enthusiasts. Indeed, whether paired with Western cuisine, as a symbol of quality living, or used for beauty and health promotion, wine is indeed a category that cannot be ignored among many alcoholic beverages. As the saying goes, a good horse is paired with a good saddle, and a good wine naturally needs to be paired with a good cup,glass cookware 

 So, do you know what types of common wine glasses there are? What are the differences between each of them, and what type of wine do you need to use which glass to drink? If your answers to the above three questions are unclear, then this article is exactly what you need. Next, please go and have a good understanding with Xiao Ou.

The four major components of a wine glass

Many novice wine enthusiasts, without understanding the classification of wine glasses, must have heard the saying "When drinking wine, be sure to use a tall glass.". In fact, among the six major wine glasses, only the brandy glass is a low footed glass, while the other five major types of wine glasses, although some types have low footed glasses, are mostly high footed glasses. Before officially discussing the six types of wine glasses, let's first take a look at the pictures to understand the names of the four components that make up a wine glass.

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