Do you know all these types of glasses?

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Do you know all these types of glasses?

When people make drinks such as tea or coffee from glass cups, there is no need to worry about chemicals getting into their stomachs. Moreover, the glass surface is smooth and easy to clean, and bacteria and dirt are not easy to breed on the cup wall. Therefore, drinking water from glass cups is the healthiest and safest way for people to use it with peace of mind, glass cookware  .

Red Wine Cup

Red wine cups are suitable for holding various types of red wine, with a capacity of 10-12 ounces. The cup types include ball shaped, Burgundy shaped, Bordeaux shaped, etc. Generally, a red wine glass is slightly larger than a white wine glass. When pouring 1/2 cup, the wine is exactly in the widest position in the middle of the glass to promote contact between the wine and the air.

White Wine Cup

There is a grip at the bottom, and the upper body is longer and more curved than a red wine glass, but the overall height is shorter than a red wine glass. Mainly used to hold white wine. In the Baijiu cup, the waist of Burgundy white wine cup is slightly larger than that used for red wine, which is full.

Classic Cup

The classical glass was originally a specialized drinking glass for whisky by the British in the early days, so it is often directly referred to as a whisky glass. Due to the frequent addition of ice to the drink, it is also known as a "rock glass". This cup has a thick wall and is not easily cracked when shaken with ice cubes. The bottom of the cup is thick and the body is wide, making the holder feel stable and generous.

Water Cup

Usually, cylindrical shapes with a height greater than the width are used to facilitate single handed handling and retain the temperature of the liquid. Some glass water cups also come with handles, handles, or additional anti scalding, thermal insulation and other functional structures.

[Baijiu Cup]

A wine cup, a utensil used for drinking alcohol. The basic vessel types are mostly straight or open, with the diameter of the rim almost equal to the height of the glass. The differences and effects of different shapes and curves of wine glasses on the aroma and taste of the liquor are often astonishing.

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